NDSS and Testers

Just got to love the NDSS customer service.

I placed an order for a 6 month supply of insulin pump consumables (IPC) and a 3 month supply of test strips on Tuesday afternoon. Thursday morning and it’s here!

I use the Accu-Check Mobile tester which is a strip-free tester. It’s so convenient and easy. Testing hasn’t felt like a chore since I made the switch just over a year ago. The updated version is pretty nice too. As my Type 1 Diabetic cousin put it.. “The old one is like a clunky old Nokia, this new one’s like the iPhone of testers”. He was later convinced to trade in his Optium Xceed for the shiny new tester.

I would definitely recommend the tester to anyone who is sick of accumulating billions of bloodied test strips! And if you live in Australia, Accu-Check are offering a full cash-back promotion so you can pick it up for free. What are you waiting for?



A couple of days ago I wrote about how I was having trouble getting booked in for my CGM one-week trial (https://storiesoftype1.wordpress.com/2012/09/10/admin/), but last night this email pops up from my DE:

“Medtronic CGM offer”

For $375 you can get a CGM starter pack including: Minilink Transmitter, Insertion Device and 5 Glucose Sensors. (The Minilink Transmitter alone would normally cost above $1200) Plus we’ll throw in a free set of steak knives! Uh.. I mean.. Free Contour blood glucose meter that will bluetooth your blood glucose readings directly to the insulin pump, and generally be amazing.

Well well well, after having so much trouble finding an appointment for a trial looks who’s come crawling back to entice me with this deal. Do I cave in and get it? Of course I bloody do! It’s a downright steal!

The process is already in motion. I emailed her right away (after a quick chat with mum) and said yes please! I am very very interested! Got a reply nice and early this morning with the forms (and payment options) which have now been filled out and sent off to be faxed.

This is good news!

Not only do I get to try out the sensor, but I get to keep the transmitter which means anytime I feel like purchasing sensors (for special occasions, exams, when I’m sick) I can! They come at a hefty price might I add, $75 a pop, but at least I have the option should I need it.

And that’s some great peace of mind.

This offer from Medtronic is only for a short time, please contact your Diabetes Educator if you wish to take advantage of this limited offer (Australian Residents Only). http://www.medtronic-diabetes-me.com/product-information/paradigm-veo/continuous-glucose-monitoring.html